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We made the top 50!

All posts in News, 2 min read, 28th July 2016

Yesterday we waited with bated breath as The Drum published its Independent Agencies Census for 2016, benchmarking the UK's independent agency sector.

Ellie takes to the stage at CIM conference

All posts in News, 2 min read, 8th July 2016

Yesterday our Head of Digital Marketing, Ellie Morgan, was part of the impressive speaker lineup at the 10th Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference, delivering her presentation on International SEO.

Ben Challoner
Ben Challoner

Do the ROAR!

All posts in News, 2 min read, 22nd June 2016

No, we’re not referencing the delightful little character from the Shrek Forever After movie, we’re referring to The Cambridge Roar – a wonderful festival of charity events!


All posts in News, 2 min read, 10th June 2016

As you may or may not know, we here at Studio 24 do a lot of work with charities and it is something we are very proud of. As a part of our ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of knowledgeable agencies we like to keep abreast with the latest advances and projects within the digital realm relating to charities.

Ben Challoner
Ben Challoner